Given by nature,     made by hand,        baked by fire


At stella rossa we make beautiful bread and delicious fresh pasta, the old way. By hand. With natural ingredients. We like making it that way, because it takes time. And time is an essential ingredient for all good food. Sourcing our ingredients from organic suppliers, locals and fresh sources makes sense, environmentally. But it also captures and creates flavour, which makes sense in any food. Baking our breads with a wood fire may or may not be a superior approach (we think it is!) but in any case it provides continuity to our attempts to capture an elusive quality which, we believe, the element of time contributes to our products. So when you taste our breads or pastas, think not only of them as the product of fresh ingredients and careful preparation by hand, but also of the difference that time has made to their flavours, aromas and textures. And then take time to enjoy!